About us

About Us

Treat yourself to an ultimate relaxation at our Salon as getaway …
Our Skin & hair care salon will be your perfect getaway for any kind of body and mind relaxation and a skin care…
It’s been like that since the day 1, when our salon was founded by Suman Singh back in 2011.
She did so in a spur of a moment decision, after previously saving enough money working as a salon senior manager in a prestigious New Delhi Salon.
Since then we’ve been expanding both our salon’s team, our list of skin care and hair care relaxation-inducing services and our name recognition as well.
Just think of such a tempting delight as visiting our salon is. Skipping your daily routine just for a while, like an hour, an afternoon or an entire day of total personal pampering.
We’re always glad to help you break free from all the hectic work/life balance that our modern rhythm of living is all about…
All of our main skin care services, just as well as our team of beauty and hair professionals will be helping you to get away to a more calm state of mind and body.

We’ll Keep You Healthy With

Range of Care

Our salon is unique among other Salons, all thanks to an insurmountable variety of skin care and relaxation choices that we have…


First and foremost, we’re a relaxation getaway… With the help of our nurturing health enhancing services you’ll be feeling yourself just like in heaven!

Affordable Pricing

As opposed to other Salons, we do not target people’s wallets eagerly… Our prices’ affordability goes intact with our services’ quality!


That's how much lower our prices are, compared to market's average


Percentage of returning customers over the last year


Percentage of ladies among our beauty salon's regular customers

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. Mahatma Gandhi

We’re hiring new skincare and beauty specialists all year long. If you have a relevant experience and a desire to work for us, then get in touch with us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I book appointment with you?

The Please book your appointment by our online booking platform or WhatsApp us, so that we can assist you with your booking.

Q: What if I need to cancel my booking?

After We know sometimes there is other urgent work comes and hence you may need to change your booking, please WhatsApp us so that we can make adjustment to your booking.