Makeup tips for oily skin

Every girl likes to do makeup, no matter what type of skin they have. For girls with oily skin, it becomes a bit difficult to do makeup and maintain it perfect all the time. Here are some tips on how to apply and maintain makeup on oily skin, which can help you a lot.

1.Cleanse the Face:- For those with oily skin, it is very important to clean the face properly. For this use a good and gentle cleanser and scrub the face as well. This removes blackheads from the face. And the makeup is good.

 2.toner:- After washing the face thoroughly and scrubbing, apply toner. The toner closes the open pores after the scrub. And controls the amount of oil on the face.

 3.Ice:- Applying ice on the face reduces the amount of oil and it also helps in blending the makeup well. It also prevents makeup from melting.

 Note: When you apply ice on the face, wrap it in a cotton cloth.

 4.Oil Free Moisturiser:- It is very important to moisturise your face before applying makeup. Use an oil free moisturiser for this as it controls excess oil production.

 5.primer:- Primer helps to apply makeup properly on the face. Primer creates a layer over the open skin pores which prevents makeup from entering the face and controls the amount of oil on the face.

 6.Foundation:- Oily skin people should always take oil free foundation. Oil free or matte foundation makes makeup look natural and is great for those with oily skin.

 7.Powder:- Powder is a good option to set makeup properly. It controls the oil and makes the face matte. After applying foundation and concealer all over your face, apply powder with the help of a brush.

 8.Concealer:- Concealer helps to hide dark spots and dark circles around the eyes. Those with oily skin should also use oil free concealer. And after that powder should be applied.

 9.blotting paper:- Blotting papers absorb the excess oil on the face. And clean the oil from the face. It can be used even after applying makeup and it does not spoil the makeup.

 10.the less the better:- The less makeup on oily skin, the better it looks. Using a small amount of foundation and concealer leaves the face looking natural and glowing. This also does not harm the face and it becomes easy to control the oil.

How to take care of oily skin:-

  • Always keep the face clean but do not use too much soap.
  • Scrub your face twice a week and don’t forget to apply toner.
  • Always use alcohol free toner.
  • Use multani mitti to keep the face oil free.
  • Drink more and more water. It helps in controlling the amount of oil on your skin. And it helps to make your skin beautiful.

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