Henna Treatment for healthy hair

Henna Treatment for healthy hair

Henna Treatment for healthy hair

With the latest trend of new hair colour and hair highlight, it has given new looks to modern women However due to chemicals used to make these products, it has caused harmful effect on our hair.

As to remediate the harmful effect of the chemicals on our hair, there are increasingly new hair treatments in the market like keratin treatment & rebonding. With henna treatment you will get back your hair to their normal state, however that does not last very long.

We here at Tanubhi recommend you to use henna treatment for your damage and frizzy hair as this it is well known to strengthen, condition and nourish the hair.

Here are few benefits of henna for hair you must know…

It helps in hair growth

Henna help to boost scalp heath and unclogging of pores which helps to promote hair growth

It restores pH balance of your hair

Henna nutrients are very helpful for balancing oil production and the pH of scalp. It helps to remove excess oil from hair and restores the normal functioning of sebaceous glands.

It is very effective in treating scalp itchiness and scalp health

Henna has anti-inflammatory properties. Henna help to cool the scalp and help to maintain scalp health.

It repairs split ends for hair & reduces hair fall

Henna has nutrients which help to nourish your hair as well repair the damage hair. Henna reduces split ends and hair loss. It also helps in preventing scabies and scalp acne which makes scalp clean.

It comes as a natural dye for hair

The most common use of henna is for hair dye, it is completely natural with no chemicals. With other natural ingredients the results are awesome.

It makes your hair healthy

Henna helps to make your hair strong, the tannin present in henna nourish your hair and make them strong by binding with the hair.

It prevents dandruff

Because of its antimicrobial properties it helps to reduce the growth of Malassezia (fungi) which causes dandruff.

It conditions your hair naturally

Henna is a natural conditioner which keeps your hair moisturized while removing excess sebum. However, to get the best conditioning results use other hydrating ingredients with henna to get the maximum results.

How to use henna on your hair

There are ready made henna powder available in the market which comes with herbs and essential oils which benefit the hair and scalp. You can also add coffee, amla powder and egg to the henna power. Add some water and soak overnight. Apply this mix directly into your hair and leave it for 1 to 2 hours, the longer you are able to keep this, the results will be better. Wash it off with a mild shampoo and cold water. Repeat this process once a month for beautiful frizzy less, shiny & gorgeous hairs.


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