How to Magnify your Best Assets

How to Magnify your Best Assets

Whether it’s a great set of lips or a skinny waist, we all have features that we’d like others to focus on. And what’s great is that you can keep peoples’ attention on your eyes, lips, or hair by knowing how to manipulate them and create a subtle, sexy appearance. Assuming you already have a good idea on what your best features are, here is a look at how to accentuate certain parts of yourself.

How to Magnify your Best Assets

Show off your Waist

For thinner women, the waist is what makes them feel sexy and provides a boost of confidence. If you fall into this category, remember to contrast colors, and wear waistline details, belts, and loose-fitting fabric that isn’t too baggy or overly-tight. These accessories can really bring some attention to your waist.

Begin by trying on both thin and wide belts to define your waist. Make sure to use the belts around your waist instead of your hips; doing so cinches your midriff, which draws the eyes to the waist. You can wear belts over a dress, blouse, cardigan or jacket, and remember again to use contrasting colors to create a more powerful effect!

Steer clear of shapeless dresses and tops, unless you intend to tuck them into your pant or skirt. Baggy dresses and tops will hide your shape, so avoid chunky knits, shapeless tunics, and A-lines to make sure people see the waist you’re so proud of.

Here are a couple of choice outfits that can draw attention to your waist

Grab a well-fitting top that has a light hue, and pair it with a dark skirt that you can wear on your waist. Cute color combinations are a yellow top with a blue skirtwhite top with a black skirt, and a pink top with a dark grey skirt; add a belt or blazer for a more polished look. Another option is to find a side-tie dress to bring attention to your waist because it’ll be flattering, and will help show off your figure.

Accentuate your Chest

The key to making your girls stand out is not revealing too much skin. Your size doesn’t matter because the clothes and small details that go into creating an outfit will let even the most modest of breasts shine.

The collarbone and décolletage are two of the sexiest features a woman can reveal, so with that in mind, wearing v-necks and button down shirts with the first few buttons left open gives the appearance of a thinner torso. It’s also important to take note of what you’re wearing under your clothes. Wear seamless bras that fit properly and offer plenty of support and comfort. Turtlenecks should be a thing of the past because they only cover your best assets with extra and unnecessary bulk. In other words, don’t hide those puppies!

Give these Outfits a Try

Pair a shirt with a sweetheart neckline and some well-fitted skinny jeans. To stand out even more, find a blouse that has ruffles or other embellishments around the sweetheart neckline. This will add some contrast and define the girls even more.

Another alternative is to get a well-fitted dress with a sculpted bodice that is one color like navy blue or tangerine. This offers even more support, while drawing everyone’s eyes to the desired area.

Show off your Butt

The world has become fond of curves – especially the curves found on your backside! You can make your butt more noticeable by wearing jeans with elegant pocket designs, cleverly-placed seams, and ruching. Instead of wearing long jackets that fall right at your hip, choose ones that hit a little bit above your waist. These styles will show off your back curve effortlessly.

Try to stay away from jeans or slacks that have pockets with buttons or flaps on the back; these details will make you look heavier without adding to your natural appeal.

Wear a dress that has ruching all down the back to really highlight the curve of your body. You’ll have a curvatious backside that is elegantly noticeable without being tacky.

The perfect pair of jeans will make any woman look like they’ve got a beautiful booty, so search for dark jeans with pockets that are only outlined by the seams.

Strong Arms

If your arms are a favorite, you’ll definitely want to show them off as much as possible without making it too obvious. You will get the most compliments by wearing a light color top or blouse, and a dark pair of slacks, shorts or skirt. This combination brings the eye up naturally, while drawing attention to your upper body. You can also use an exaggerated neckline or wear a necklace with multiple strands. Stay away from bulky, bell, and peasant styles to keep your arms looking as slim as possible.

A simple dress with no embellishments will naturally draw attention to your arms, and to add an extra boost of flirtation, you can look for dresses and tank tops with ruffles on the sleeves. One-shoulder tops and dresses are great for showing off your arms as well as racerback styles.

Flaunt your Legs

The best thing you can do to draw the eyes to your legs is wear long sleeves or quarter length sleeves, while keeping your legs exposed. This is so your legs have all the attention on them, instead of having to fight for attention with your arms. Wear opaque, textured, or sheer tights under skirts that fall midway between your knee and thigh. Pencil skirts are also great if they don’t go past your knee. The worst styles to wear are midcalf-length skirts or dresses, and loose Capri pants because these styles make your hair appear short.

High-waisted skirts elongate your legs and look great when paired with a jacket; finish the look with a pair of skin-toned heels. Shorts are great too, but look best with flats and a modest top.

Magnify your Eyes

If you want to boost the attention around your eyes, you can use a white liner on the inner corners, and a skin-toned eyeshadow on the brow bone. Use eyeliner to line only the top lash line, or stop the line at the end of the lashes.

Additionally, use a volumizing mascara on both the upper and lower lashes to open your eyes up. This will add dimension to your eyes, without being overly-dramatic with dark eyeshadows.

Get Luscious Lips

Line your lips with a liner in a berry shade, fill in the rest of your lips, and follow up by using a corresponding lipstick. Use a lighter lip gloss on the center of the bottom of your lip. Also, use a highlighter, white eyeliner, or white eyeshadow on your cupids bow to make your lips look fuller.

Create Lush Locks

Your hair can make quite an impression, so it’s important to maintain its health. Use a shine serum or spray as a finishing touch on your style; this will make your strands look healthy even on their worst days. Don’t shampoo every day, and use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove the build-up left over from hair product. Finally, style your hair out of your face, and keep the split ends trimmed up.

You can use any of these tips in order to create a mega-confidence boost for special events, or for any day of the week and don’t forget to check our beauty tips for your hair, skin and more.


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